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Hi! I'm from Norway and do photography mostly in my spare time. I've been shooting digital since 2003, DSLR since 2008 — though as of summer 2020 also rediscovered vintage analogue SLR photography with a battered old Minolta. I have a daytime job as a IT tech supporter, a wife, two daughters, a cat, and a dog. And I never leave home without at least one camera.

Current weapons of choice: Nikon D7200, iPhone 12, Minolta XG1.

“Always shoot RAW,

except when you can't.”

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Not all of my social media photos are representedon this webpage.

NEW: Because Twitter may at any moment go deader than a Norwegian Blue in a Monty Python sketch, I've signed up with Mastodon as @inshadowz@masto.ai

If you have any questions or comments about my webpage or my photos, or anything else, please contact me via the email form below, or through my other social media channels.

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